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RoNik Inspectioneering B.V. and Flyability announce a partnership for UAV industrial inspections for the BeNeLux market
August 18, 2016 – Ronik Inspectioneering B.V., the leading source for practical, technical content focused on asset integrity in the oil & gas, chemical, petrochemical, and process industries has announced a partnership for the BeNeLux market with Flyability, the commercial drone manufacturer that develops the first collision-tolerant flying robot designed for industrial inspection professionals.
The partnership between the two companies aims at accelerating the use of UAVs in indoor inspections, to help reducing the risks for human interventions and increase the inspections of difficult-to-access places. RoNik Inspectioneering becomes an official distributor of the product Elios of Flyability and a preferred service partner for the BeNeLux market.

By introducing the use of Elios during its missions, RoNik Inspectioneering wants to bring its data capturing capability to the next level. The ability of Elios to inspect confined spaces rapidly is a key advantage that RoNik wants to take advantage of. The drone tolerates collisions, can bump into walls or any other structure, can enter man-holes in dark environments and fly high distances. As the drone can access difficult places just by being guided by a pilot at long distances, it makes the permit-process easier for inspections. It enables the performance at any time, which lower intervention costs for its customers. Typical applications are tankroof-, furnaces-, and cooling tower- inspections.

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